Whale Shark video

Google Video has some great free scuba diving clips to watch online – including some spectacular footage of a whale shark seen last year in Thailand

Recently I wrote about where to see whale sharks in Thailand – and this 2 minute video clip of a whale shark seen at Richelieu Rock last year provides a breathtaking snapshot of what it’s like to scuba with a whale shark.

It’s shot by Nick Hope, an underwater photographer based in Phuket. You can see the whale shark clip online at Google Video, and Nick has several more great underwater clips available on his own site Bubblevision, which are also free to view.

Willy at Divester has already vowed to come diving in Thailand to find the whale sharks – this video lets you see what you’re missing Willy!

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  1. Chris, I’m sitting here weeping. When will my lotto numbers work out? I want to see the whale sharks!