Dive Happy Podcast

Episode 14: Liveaboard Cruise Director Podcast

Damai Dua Liveaboard

It sounds like a dream job, but what does it really take to be liveaboard cruise director? Dive Damai Operations Manager Simon Marsh explains all.

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Episode 13: Diving Triton Bay Podcast

Batfish and coral, David's Rock, Triton Bay

Triton Bay lies south of Raja Ampat and is one of Indonesia’s greatest diving destinations which is still being explored. Jimmy Thai from Triton Bay Divers explains what makes diving the area magical.

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Episode 12: Diving Tubbataha Reef

Sweetlips at Tubbataha Reef

Imagine diving on the side of a mountain covered in coral and marine life - that's Tubbataha Reef. Yvette Lee explains why it's the greatest dive spot in the Philippines

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Episode 11: Diving Yap

Sharks in Yap - photo copyright Tim Rock Photo courtesy and © Tim Rock

Yap maybe most famous for its resident manta ray population, but Tim Rock explains how this tiny Micronesian group of islands has a gamut of other oceany delights plus a unique topside culture too.

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Episode 10: Diving Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon - photo copyright Tim Rock Photo courtesy and © Tim Rock

Truk Lagoon's scores of easily accessible WWII shipwrecks are also stunningly colourful "ship reefs" and havens for marine life. Tim Rock describes why Truk is one of the world's most incredible dive spots

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Episode 9: Sogod Bay, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Sogod Bay Diving - turtle on the reef

Sogod Bay is the Philippines' best kept secret for scuba diving - a marine sanctuary that boasts beautiful reefs, great critter life and regular whale shark visits. Sogod Bay Scuba Resort director Phil McGuire explains Sogod's hidden charms

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Episode 8: Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat - August 19 2016

Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat's Misool Eco Resort is surrounded by pristine coral reefs and thriving fish life - thanks in large part to the decade-long conservation efforts of the resort itself. Co-founder Marit Miners explains how a motley crew of divers managed to create an eco sanctuary.

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Episode 7: Diving Palau - July 22 2016

Napoleon wrasse gets friendly, Blue Hole, Palau

Hundreds of sharks, scores of World War 2 wrecks, jawdropping underwater seascapes - everything about diving in Palau is epic. Tim Rock reflects on diving Palau for over three decades and why he keeps going back

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Episode 6: The Manta Rays Of Myanmar's Black Rock - July 15 2016

Manta Ray (pic taken in the Maldives, not Myanmar!)

The remote dive site of Black Rock in Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago is one of the world's hotspots for manta rays. Pioneering manta ray researcher Dr Andrea Marshall explains why

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Episode 5: Diving Myanmar - July 7 2016

Diving Myanmar

Long closed off from the rest of the world, Myanmar has a host of fascinating diving amongst the largely uninhabited islands of the Mergui Archipelago. Clive White draws on his extensive Myanmar diving experience to explain its appeal

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Episode 4: Diving Bali, Indonesia - June 30 2016

Staghorn Table Coral and Reef Fish, Menjangan Island, Bali

Bali is a world-famous tourist destination but it's also a largely underrated diving destination, with scores of great dive sites that range from macro wonderlands to big critter encounters. Simon Pridmore explains Bali's underwater allure.

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Episode 3: Diving Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia - June 24 2016

Whale sharks seen while diving Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia

Diving Cenderawasih Bay in Indonesia is a must-do for those who want prolonged, up-close whale shark encounters. But this vast underwater wilderness has plenty more to amaze visitors, as Tim Rock explains

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Episode 2: Diving Komodo, Indonesia - June 17 2016

Cannibal Rock, Komodo, Indonesia

Famous as the home of the Komodo Dragon, Indonesia's Komodo National Park is also one of the most epic places in the world to go diving. Accomplished Canadian underwater photographer Mike Veitch joins Chris Mitchell to discuss why Komodo is incredible above and below the surface.

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Episode 1: Diving Raja Ampat, Indonesia - 10 June 2016

Raja Ampat - Boo Windows

Raja Ampat is widely regarded as one of the best places in the world to go scuba diving, but what makes it so special? Veteran underwater photojournalist Tim Rock joins Chris Mitchell to discuss why Raja Ampat keeps divers coming back year after year.

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The Book

My First Book Is Out Now – Thailand’s Underwater World

My first book, co-authored with my friend Jez Tryner, has just been published. Thailand’s Underwater World: A Celebration Of Thailand’s Amazing Marine Life is a beautifully produced hardback coffee-table book – the perfect Christmas present! etc, etc. Here’s the official blurb: Thailand’s Underwater World explores the Thai Kingdom’s enchanting aquatic environments that are usually hidden […]

Featured Story

Tubbataha Reef Liveaboard Diving – Trip Report June 2011

Tubbataha Reef is the Philippines most celebrated dive site, only accessible by liveaboard – this is my report on a 4 day diving trip there

MV Carpe Vita – Maldives Liveaboard Review

Carpe Vita is latest luxury Maldives liveaboard to take to the waters, launching in March 2011. Here’s my detailed rundown of Carpe Vita’s operation after spending a week on the boat Carpe Vita is a brand new luxury Maldives liveaboard which launched in March 2011. The sister ship to the already established Carpe Diem liveaboard, […]

Tambora Liveaboard Review

Tambora is a new luxury liveaboard that spends the entire year exploring Indonesia. This is a review of the boat itself, with photos and notes on the facilities and operation to help you decide if it’s the boat for you Introduction Tambora was initially recommended to me by my friend Dom, who runs the large […]

MSY Damai Liveaboard Report

Possibly the most luxurious liveaboard boat currently in Indonesia, MSY Damai is trying a new approach in providing top notch diving and underwater photography MSY Damai is a new luxury Indonesian liveaboard launched in October 2009 by Alberto Reija, who previously worked on MSY Seahorse and Kararu liveaboards. Damai (the word is Indonesian for “peaceful”) […]

A Weird And Wonderful World Underwater: Lembeh Diving March 2011

Indonesia’s northern Sulawesi has one of the greatest – and most unlikely – underwater environments in the world. Scores of fantastic-looking marine species – many of which are rarely seen anywhere else on the planet – are regularly spotted on the barren black sand slopes of the Lembeh Strait. You can see much larger versions […]

Menjangan Island Scuba Diving

Hidden in the north-west tip of Bali is Menjangan Island, which boasts some of the most beautiful corals in Indonesia and is accessible to both scuba divers and snorkelers. Click any of the photos in this story for bigger versions. There are more photos not shown here in the Divehappy Menjangan Island photo gallery Table […]

Scuba Diving Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

Diving the island pearls of Indonesian Borneo’s coastline – Nabucco, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Derawan – from the Tambora liveaboard: the full text of my article for EZ Dive magazine. This story originally appeared in EZ Dive magazine, July 2010. Thanks to Dom at DiveAdvice.com for his help and Uwe on Tambora for letting me on […]

Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia

Where is the best scuba diving in Indonesia? Read on for 6 places that should be on every diver’s To Do list. Komodo Diving It’s not often that Komodo makes an appearance in the Top 5 of places to dive in the world – as a premier diving destination, it still remains relatively unknown. It’s […]

Bali Mola Mola Movie By Peter Walker

Ever wanted to see the amazing mola mola of Bali? Peter Walker’s short movie gets you up close and personal with these bizarre, giant sunfish My friend and dive buddy Peter Walker recently put together this excellent short film about finding mola mola at Nusa Lembongan off Bali. Peter is an accomplished videographer but he’s […]

Diving Pattaya’s Shipwrecks

This weekend I was down in Pattaya as a guest of Aquanauts and Mermaids dive shops trying to get some photos of their shipwrecks. Here’s a quick taster I’ll write up a full trip report about what it’s like diving Pattay’s shipwrecks in a few weeks, as I’m scheduled to go back there in January […]

Pattaya Clownfish Release

You can never have too many clownfish, and to celebrate World Ocean Day on June 8th a group of Thai divers released one hundred clownfish in Pattaya to help replenish the reefs. As part of World Oceans Day on June 8th, a group of volunteer Thai divers in Pattaya took part in a clownfish release […]