Whale Shark Pics On Flickr

It’s not often whale shark pics turn up on photo sharing site Flickr – but when they do, it’s worth the wait

I keep tabs on the “whale sharks” tag on Flickr – it’s pretty quiet most of the time, but this morning I was rewarded with a glorious set of photos taken by Flickr user Kiwi Vic of a recent visit to Exmouth in Western Australia. The whale sharks are at Exmouth right now as part of their annual migration and Kiwi Vic got several impressive snaps of the whale sharks plus extra shots of the spotting boat they were on and the other divers – it gives you a good visual idea of what it’s like to go out looking for the whale sharks.

I wrote up my own experience of diving with whale sharks in Exmouth recently, and Divehappy has a whole Whale Shark section to browse too.

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