Scuba Diving in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Just off the coast of north western penisular Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands have been a popular backpacker haunt for year, thanks to pretty beaches and some great diving at cheap prices What makes a dive trip really special is when you see something underwater for the very first time. Malaysia‚Äôs Perhentian Islands didn’t disappoint me […]

Scuba Diving Perhentian Islands, Malaysia: A Quick Guide

If you are travelling in Malaysia, I definitely recommend you visit the Perhentian Islands for some great dives and a very affordable version of Paradise. Just back from diving the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia – a glorious place to go scuba diving. I’m writing up my article about it for Asian Diver magazine which won’t […]

Lankayan, Borneo: Paradise Under Threat

Lankayan is one of Borneo’s best dive destinations thanks to its conservation area status. But the island paradise is fighting a continual war with poachers who could destroy the fragile balance of Lankayan’s reefs. Chris Mitchell reports. [This article first appeared in edited form in Scuba Diver AustralAsia magazine] Lankayan is the television definition of […]

Scuba Diving Tioman, Malaysia – A Quick Trip Report

Michael at has written up a useful overview of his three days of diving at Tioman island just off peninsular Malaysia. Short version – he loved it!

Perhentian Islands Scuba Diving

Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands are an accessible and affordable dive destination, combining a tropical paradise above water with a string of surprises underwater A while ago I wrote Perhentian Islands: A Quick Guide after my scuba diving trip to the Perhentians last August. Now the article I wrote for Asian Diver magazine has been published, and […]

Layang Layang and Labuan, Borneo

Worawan Simaroj writes a fascinating piece on exploring Borneo’s Layang Layang islands and going to explore remote reefs beyond Layang Layang that have remained virtually untouched This article appeared in the Bangkok Post today, along with some interesting photos. I’ve reproduced the article here as the Bangkok Post’s archive system is currently broken so it […]

Malaysian Prime Minister Angry About Sipadan Fiasco

The Sipadan reef destruction fiasco rumbles on, with Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi publicly attacking his Minister Of Tourism for letting the building works go ahead against his express wishes Sipadan and the recent reef destruction there is back in the news with a blistering public attack from Malaysia’s Prime Minister on his Tourism […]

Layang Layang, Borneo: Weekly Dive Reports

As well as being a hotspot for seeing schools of hammerhead sharks along with whale sharks and manta rays, Borneo’s Layang Layang island now also has its own ongoing blog to vicariously keep up with the action One of my favourite dive blogs at the moment is Layang Layang Blues, an anonymous journal kept by […]

Perhentians, Malaysia – A Quick Prologue

The Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, near the Thai-Malay border, are Malaysia’s answer to Koh Tao – paradise beaches with superb diving that are fairly remote and still an upcoming travel destination I’m off to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia tomorrow to do another dive report for Asian Diver magazine. The Perhentians have become an increasingly […]

Swim With Sharks In Kuala Lumpur Aquarium

Swim with sharks in Kuala Lumpur’s Aquaria and come face to face with the most fearsome marine predators It’s getting so you can swim with sharks in virtually every aquarium – or so it seems. Bangkok’s new aquarium came complete with a swimming with sharks feature, which I mentioned a few months ago – and […]

Singapore Scuba Diving

Singapore is a city state perched at the end of penisular Malaysia.  Scuba diving is increasingly popular amongst Singaporeans, and looking where the locals go to dive can let you discover some real underwater gems A recent item on highlighted the increasing popularity of diving amongst Singaporeans – the idea that it’s an expensive […]

DHL Sponsors Reef Creation on Malaysian Island

Despite all the self-inflicted misery going on at Sipadan, there is hope elsewhere in Malaysia for the country’s coral reefs. Courier company DHL have been sponsoring the creation of a reef on the popular island of Palau Tioman The Aquascape Reef has been growing for the last couple of years, using Aquascape artificial cement mounds […]

Sipadan Damage Contractor Gets Off With Apology

The Sipadan controversy continues to rage with the contractor responsible for causing huge damage to the reef getting off with an apology and the Malaysian Deputy Chief Minister accusing the foreign press of exaggerating the damage. The Sipadan saga continues and there’s still no good news; not only has the contractor whose barge destroyed 370 […] Launch Special Diver Airfares

Hoping to entice more scuba divers to visit the amazing sights of Malaysian Borneo, budget air carrier AirAsia are offering discount fares for divers AirAsia have recognised that scuba divers make up a significant minority amongst their travellers going to Borneo, and are currently offering special fares for divers flying to Kota Kinabalu (gateway to […]

Sipadan Island Reef Disaster

A huge contruction barge has recently decimated one of Sipadan Island’s reefs, causing untold damage to the island’s fragile eco-system. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Willy over at Divester has done a sterling job of reporting on the recent catastrophic destruction of one of the major dive sites at Sipadan Island in Borneo, widely […]