Diving Pattaya’s Shipwrecks

This weekend I was down in Pattaya as a guest of Aquanauts and Mermaids dive shops trying to get some photos of their shipwrecks. Here’s a quick taster

I’ll write up a full trip report about what it’s like diving Pattay’s shipwrecks in a few weeks, as I’m scheduled to go back there in January as well. Basically, for photographers, it’s very hard work – visibility was down to around 2 metres and there was a lot of silt in the water. Conditions apparently improve January through March. Anyway, we got this one shot on the Hardeep which I am quite pleased with – it was cleaned up through the Photoshop skills of Bob at Aquanauts so that was a great help.

Hardeep Wreck, Pattaya - Hanging Coral

Hardeep Wreck, Pattaya - Hanging Coral

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