Freediving In Komodo

Scuba diving is not the only way to explore the underwater wonders of Komodo National Park in Indonesia – some of Komodo’s sites are perfect for freediving too, as this video by Ai Futaki demonstrates

While on the S/Y Siren on a liveaboard trip in Komodo during August (full trip report coming soon), I met Monica Ganame and Ai Futaki, two freedivers based in Thailand. Monica is originally from Argentina and co-owns Apnea Total, one of the most prestigious freediving centres in Asia. Ai is from Japan and has just become a freediving instructor, although her real love is videography. This video from Ai showcases not only Komodo’s beautiful reefs but also the elegance and grace of freedivers in the water – it’s the first time I’ve dived with freedivers and it was mesmerising to watch them… apart from the time they stole my mask, which made it a bit difficult…anyway, enjoy the video.

Following on from the Komodo trip, I just got back from a week on Koh Tao interviewing Monica for an upcoming story for Fah Thai magazine, and getting my friend Ayesha to take some photos of Monica and Eusebio, her business partner who is also a champion freediver. I chickened out of learning to freedive with Monica, but next time – certainly my preconceptions about freediving have been shattered, which is always fun.

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