DiverChannel Magazine Cover Star!

Looking at the cover of the latest issue of Chinese dive magazine DiverChannel, I suddenly realised that the fin of the featured diver looked very familiar. It was me!

Here’s the cover of the August issue of DiverChannel:

This was taken by Mike, one of the co-editors of DiverChannel, who was on the same scuba diving trip to Palau as me back in June. Mike and his other editor Alfred are great guys but we haven’t been in touch since the liveaboard – so it was a real surprise to see this! You can see my own photo of this friendly Napoleon wrasse in Part One of my Palau write up.

Mike and Alfred are pioneering a Chinese language dive magazine from their base in Hong Kong, tapping into the emerging Chinese scuba diving market. At the moment, they reckon there are only 10,000 divers in mainland China – out of a population of hundreds of millions! There’s everything to play for, and there is a burgeoning dive community in Hong Kong too. DiverChannel is an electronic magazine, downloadable as a PDF from the DiverChannel website. It’s Mandarin only, but it’s free to download and worth a look for the great pictures. Although I would say that…

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