Scuba Diving Equipment Bags – Which One Do You Use?

I really don’t have any luck with my scuba gear bags. I just bought my fourth scuba equipment bag in 12 months – the other three have cracked, ripped or popped at the seams after just a couple of trips each. Suggestions to stop me buying a fifth one welcome.

Suunto Cobra Dive Computer

Beating Excess Baggage Charges For Scuba Gear In South East Asia

One of the downsides of travelling with your scuba equipment is being charged excess luggage fees by increasingly thrifty airlines, especially if you’re using budget carriers. Here’s some tips to flying with your scuba gear in South East Asia less expensive and less hassle

Used Dive Computers – Ebay Bargains

Scuba Equipment For Komodo

Diving Komodo in Indonesia can be exhilarating and challenging. Here’s a round up of the extra safety items you need in your kitbag before a scuba diving trip to Komodo

Bangkok Dive Shops

If you’re in need of some scuba gear while you’re in Thailand’s capital, you’re in luck. There are two excellent shops that can equip you with pretty much all the dive equipment you need.

My New Dive Mask: Mares Vision X

Getting a new dive mask can put a completely different perspective on your scuba diving

Scuba Diving Perhentian Islands, Malaysia: A Quick Guide

If you are travelling in Malaysia, I definitely recommend you visit the Perhentian Islands for some great dives and a very affordable version of Paradise.

How To Defog Your New Dive Mask

Just bought a new dive mask? Make sure you get to enjoy your next dive trip from the start by ensuring your mask is properly cleaned of factory lubricants to ensure it won’t repeatedly fog up on you

Suunto Dive Computer Recall

Suunto have issued a recall of some of their D9 and D6 Dive Computers after discovering a software bug that could lead to inaccurate dive time information