Cuttlefish Face Stretching, Bali

Do you know what this cuttlefish is doing in this short video clip? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Recently I posted this video clip of a cuttlefish on YouTube. I’d shot the video while I was scuba diving in Bali, and before I got to mention it here, Willy found it on YouTube and plugged it on Divester. (Thanks Willy!) Since then it’s been viewed over 400 times – wow!

On the YouTube page, I wrote “Cuttlefish store their eggs in coral, and then stretch their tentacles into the coral to fertilise them. It means they stretch their face to about twice its usual length. Really quite spooky.”

However, as I’m no marine biologist, I’m not sure that I’ve got it right here. If you have any ideas about what the cuttlefish is really doing please let me know. I’ve seen this behaviour a couple of times and it’s the general consensus amongst dive guides that they are looking after their eggs, but I’d love to get confirmation of that.

There are some other excellent cuttlefish videos on YouTube – check out the sidebar on my own page to see a list of other cuttlefish vids.

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  1. eegs in the coral is a pretty good chance just because they don’t eat out of the coral and whatever he is doing, it is very delicate. but i’m no marine biologist either:)

  2. That is so cool. I’ve never seen a reef squid yet, much less a cuttlefish. I’m amazed they let you approach so close.


  3. They favour eating crab’s. They perform this ritual just before they are about to strike their prey.I seen a doucmentary about those guy’s. really cool display. Hope that helps.