Peacock Mantis Shrimp Pictures

The peacock mantis shrimp is one of my all time favourite underwater critters, and on my recent trip to Davao in the Philippines I managed to get some pretty good shots of this amazing creature I spent the first week of September diving in Davao in the southern Philippines. I can’t say much more about […]

Diving The World: Beth and Shaun Tierney Interview: Part Two

The second part of Divehappy’s interview with Diving The World authors Beth and Shaun Tierney. Read Part One if you want to start at the beginning Is there one particular place that is your all time favourite? Indonesia, and, well, Indonesia. Because the country is huge and there is such a variety of diving and […]

Diving The World: Beth and Shaun Tierney Interview: Part One

Diving The World is a full colour guidebook packed full of must-see dive sites from 16 countries around the globe, 10 of which are in Asia. It’s already received rave reviews from numerous dive magazines and blogs. Authors Beth and Shaun Tierney explain a bit more about how Diving The World came about and what […]

Manta Ray Train

Check out Mike Veitch’s stunning picture of five manta rays moving in perfect single file hoovering up plankton in Yap, Micronesia Recently I mentioned this stunning image in my post about the Yap Photo Workshop 2007 – I originally saw it in Scuba Diver Australasia magazine and now I’ve found the online version at […]