Thailand’s Underwater Wedding Ceremony

Every year the Thai province of Trang holds an underwater marriage ceremony on Valentine’s Day for couple to exchange or renew vows beneath the crystal clear waters of Southern Thailand It was a one-off event that proved so popular it’s been going on for over a decade now. Trang’s Underwater Marriage ceremony happens every Valentine’s […]

Koh Phi Phi Reborn

Thailand’s most famous island paradise has been restored to its former glory thanks to the spectacular efforts of thousands of volunteer divers from all around the globe Koh Phi Phi was one of the worst affected areas in Thailand by the December 2004 tsunami. The scenic island set in the Andaman Sea off the coast […]

Similan Islands: After The Tsunami

The Similan Islands have survived the tsunami, and are poised to strengthen their reputation as Thailand’s premier dive destinatio [This article originally appeared in Asian Diver magazine, Apr/May 2005, under the title A Drop In The Ocean] It was the moment everyone had been hoping for. Gliding beside Koh Bon’s wall was a four-metre wide […]

Freediving in Thailand – Apnea Total

I wrote a short piece for Fah Thai magazine about my friend Monica Ganame, the Argentinian freediving record holder who lives on Koh Tao and co-owns the freediving school Apnea Total Fah Thai is the inflight magazine for Bangkok Airways. My dive buddy and upcoming underwater photo pro Ayesha Cantrell took the striking photo of […]

When Harlequin Shrimp Attack

Only an inch or so long, harlequin shrimp are one of the most beautiful – and elusive – critters you can encounter while diving in Thailand. What they lack in size they make up for in fiestiness though… While diving last week at my favourite Thailand dive site Koh Haa (just a couple hours boat […]

Diving on Phuket’s Coral Reef Squadron

In November 2008 four World War II planes and six helicopters were sunk off Bang Tao beach in Phuket to create an artificial reef. We went and had a look… As we were in Phuket after coming back from our Burma liveaboard, my friend Ayesha and I decided to go and investigate the recently sunk […]

Return To The USS Lagarto – July 2008

The Thailand technical diving vessel MV Trident returned to the wreck of World War II submarine USS Lagarto in July 2008, to check on the wreck’s state one year on from their last inspection. Ayesha Cantrell describes what they saw on their guardianship dive. What’s the best dive you’ve ever done? It’s a question I […]

USS Lagarto – The Lost Submarine Is Found

The World War II submarine USS Lagarto had gone missing in action until it was found by two British deep sea divers in the Gulf of Thailand. Ayesha Cantrell dived the wreck with them and described this important act of remembrance for Diver magazine Back in October my friend Ayesha Cantrell, a technical diving instructor […]

Manta Rays At Koh Lanta, Thailand

Manta Rays traditionally appear en masse at the beginning of the dive season in Koh Lanta, and this year is no exception. This week up to four mantas have been seen together around Koh Lanta’s dive sites This last month I’ve been busy helping set up a new dive trips website for Koh Lanta in […]

USS Lagarto Submarine Formally Identified

The submarine discovered in the Gulf Of Thailand last year by a commercial diver has been formally identified by the US Navy as the USS Lagarto. From the Honolulu Star Bulletin: Navy divers have confirmed the location of a World War II submarine believed to have been sunk by a Japanese minelayer 61 years ago […]

Pattaya Diving: The Wreck Of The Steamship Suddhadib

A new DVD tells the fascinating history of one of Thailand’s most popular wreck dives and provides great footage of its present day status as a marine life haven One of the things I love most about scuba diving is the people you meet through a shared love of being underwater. Recently I met Peter […]

Koh Tao Dive Sites: Twins, Japanese Gardens, Mango Bay

Koh Tao’s training sites offer a perfect environment for novice divers to explore, and there’s surprises for more experienced divers too All of these dive sites are essentially training sites for dive students, and tend to be quite busy as a result. They are still quite remarkable sites all the same – Japanese Gardens has […]

Koh Tao Dive Sites: Green Rock, White Rock, Shark Island

Three of Koh Tao’s staple dive sites which offer interesting aquatic encounters with the local marine life – although it’s not always wanted… A collection of big boulders piled on one another, Green Rock has a great collection of swimthroughs at different levels which make it a dive site that seems to be continually different […]

Koh Tao Dive Sites: Hin Daeng

A spectacular reef dive with mesmerising coral formations and a memorable swimthrough, Hin Daeng is one of the great hidden gems of Koh Tao Besides Chumphon Pinnacle, Hin Daeng is my other personal favourite amongst Koh Tao’s dive sites. Hin Daeng (Thai for “Red Rock” and a common dive site name around the country) is […]

Koh Tao Dive Sites: South West Pinnacle and Sail Rock

South West Pinnacle and Sail Rock are both geographically dramatic dives, providing deep depths and interesting ascents South West Pinnacle and Sail Rock are Koh Tao’s two other deep water dive sites. South West Pinnacle is a beautiful site that, like Chumphon Pinnacle, repays repeated visits. It is actually a whole series of small pinnacles […]