Whale Sharks, Great White Sharks And More…

Here’s some links to spectacular whale shark and great white shark videos along with my rundown of where I dived in 2007

Halt The Salt! Ningaloo Reef Under Threat From Huge Salt Mine Operation

Exmouth Gulf – one of Western Australia’s most environmentally important areas and one of the best places to see whale sharks in the world – is under potential threat from a plan to build one of the world’s biggest salt mines.

Whale Sharks: The Giants Of Ningaloo Reef

“Whale Sharks: The Giants Of Ningaloo Reef” is a unique book by Geoff Taylor that provides an amazing photographic and text document about the whale sharks of Western Australia

Whale Shark Pics On Flickr

It’s not often whale shark pics turn up on photo sharing site Flickr – but when they do, it’s worth the wait

Whale Sharks Bring Prosperity And Problems To Philippines

The whale sharks of Donsol are proving a huge tourist attraction for the Philippines – but they are also bringing new problems for the tiny town to cope with

The Whale Sharks Of Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

Whale sharks appear every year at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, one of the most pristine and important coral reef systems in the world

Ningaloo Reef may go ‘World Heritage’

One of the world’s most spectacular places to dive, Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is in line for long overdue protection

Whale Shark video

Google Video has some great free scuba diving clips to watch online – including some spectacular footage of a whale shark seen last year in Thailand

Whale Sharks In Thailand: Where To See Them

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the world, growing up to a staggering 15 metres in length. yet they are completely harmless to humans and one of the most amazing underwater sights for scuba divers in Thailand

Dreaming of Diving: Donsol, Philippines

The Philippines are one of the premier dive destinations for seeing whale sharks, especially from the island of Ticao

Borneo Diving: Lankayan

Set amongst a Marine Conservation Area, the tiny island of Lankayan boasts some of Borneo’s best diving and seasonal visits from whale sharks