Diving Gunung Api: Volcano Of The Sea Snakes

In a remote part of Indonesia’s Banda Sea lies the still active volcano Gunung Api, or “Fire Mountain” – and below its lava-encrusted shoreline the volcano is home to hundreds of highly venomous sea snakes that hunt in packs and show little fear of human scuba divers Deep within Indonesia’s 17,000 islands lies Gunung Api, […]

Got The Shot: Bali Wrecks And Muck Diving – Julian Cohen

Julian Cohen got some invaluable underwater photography tuition from photo pro Mike Veitch while in Bali. Here he describes how he got the shot for five of his best Bali pictures This trip was to be a liveaboard on Citra Pelangi, run by Crystal Divers in Bali. At the time the professional dive photographer and […]

Banda Islands Land Tour

While scuba diving may be the main attraction for coming to the Banda Islands, the fascinating – and often bloody – history of these famed Spice Islands makes for a fascinating morning land tour – and some excellent food too Banda Naira is the only habitation of any size amongst the five Banda Islands, and […]

Got The Shot: Lembeh Strait – Julian Cohen

Julian Cohen was the recent winner of FINS Magazine and ScubaCam’s Photo Shootout in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia. Here he describes how he got the shot for five of his excellent pictures Julian Cohen: This trip to Lembeh in Indonesia was organised by Scubacam, the underwater camera specialist I buy all my gear from in Singapore, […]

Raja Ampat Aggressor Review (formerly Ocean Rover Liveaboard)

Ocean Rover was one of Asia’s most famous diving liveboards, and in 2015 rebranded to the Raja Ampat Aggressor in association with Aggressor Fleet. Here’s my review of being on the Raja Ampat Aggressor when it was still the Ocean Rover back in 2008 Ocean Rover was built in 2000 in Thailand specifically for scuba […]

NAD Lembeh Trip Report – Lembeh Strait, Indonesia – August 2008

Indonesia’s Lembeh Strait is renown for its amazing marine life, with a welter of rare and unusual underwater creatures on its black sand dive sites. It’s also remarkably scenic above land and easily affordable – there’s no reason not to go! Two things you always hear about Lembeh Strait, located at the northern tip of […]

Dive Report: Palau Weh, Banda Aceh

Palau Weh is a tiny island at the tip of Acer in Indonesia. It’s not easy to get there but it’s renown as a spectacular dive spot that survived the tsunami and continued to flourish. Ayesha Cantrell describes her experience of this hidden gem My unrequited love affair with the small Indonesian island of Pulah […]

Raja Ampat to Triton Bay Liveaboard – Trip Report

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat islands have become one of the most famous places to go diving in all of Asia thanks to the area’s pristine coral reefs and incredible diversity of marine life. In February 2008 I went on the MSY Seahorse’s 11 day diving liveaboard from Raja Ampat to Triton Bay, exploring the amazing underwater […]

Komodo Scuba Diving: Enter The Dragon

Indonesia’s Komodo island is home not only to the famous Komodo Dragon but also some of Asia’s most spectacular diving. Experience the smorgasbord of different dive conditions and incredible underwater life within this still largely unexplored marine park. [This article first appeared in slightly different form in the June 2007 issue of Scuba Diver AustralAsia […]

Scuba Diving The Liberty Shipwreck, Bali: A Quick Guide

The Liberty Shipwreck is Bali’s most famous dive site, and there are plenty of other great places along the north eastern coast of Bali too, making it an ideal – and cheap – dive destination. What is the Liberty Shipwreck? One of the most famous wreck dive sites in the world, the wreck of the […]

Scuba Diving Bangka, Indonesia

Bad weather stopped a planned exploration of Sulawesi’s Sangihe archipelago, but diving around the astounding sites of Bangka more than made up for it [This article originally appeared in Issue 100 of Asian Diver magazine (November 2008) under the title Sulawesi Surprise. I’ve previously written a Sulawesi trip report on the Ocean Rover liveaboard from […]

Bali Dive Safari – Lembongan, Tulamben and Pemuteran

Bali is famous as a tropical island paradise, but it also has a wonderfully diverse collection of dive sites around its coastline that yield many hidden treasures. A Bali Dive Safari over a couple of weeks is the ideal way to enjoy the island both on land and under water This story originally appeared in […]

Scuba Diving In Indonesian Borneo On The Tambora Liveaboard

Indonesian Borneo is now being explored by liveaboards, making the islands of Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakoban and Maratua accessible in one trip I recently dived in Kalimantan – the Indonesian part of Borneo – with Tambora, a newish liveaboard that is pursuing an ambitious yearly itinerary across Indonesia. I was writing a story for EZ Dive […]

Raja Ampat Underwater Highlights 2010

Indonesia’s Raja Ampat is one of the most famed dive areas on the planet, but the region still remains enigmatic due to its sheer size. Peter Walker’s short documentary provides a great overview of what you can expect from this spectacular location Raja Ampat Highlight from Peter Walker on Vimeo. An action-packed express tour of […]

Bali Mola Mola Movie By Peter Walker

Ever wanted to see the amazing mola mola of Bali? Peter Walker’s short movie gets you up close and personal with these bizarre, giant sunfish My friend and dive buddy Peter Walker recently put together this excellent short film about finding mola mola at Nusa Lembongan off Bali. Peter is an accomplished videographer but he’s […]