Launch Special Diver Airfares

Hoping to entice more scuba divers to visit the amazing sights of Malaysian Borneo, budget air carrier AirAsia are offering discount fares for divers

AirAsia have recognised that scuba divers make up a significant minority amongst their travellers going to Borneo, and are currently offering special fares for divers flying to Kota Kinabalu (gateway to KK’s own marine park and Mantanani), Sandakan (gateway to Lankayan) and Tawau (gateway to Sipadan, Kapalai, Mabul and Mataking) .

Given the recent disaster at Sipadan, I’m not sure how many people will take them up on it, but it’s a nice thought. If they could give assurances divers won’t get penalised for excess baggage, that would be good too – I’ve been hit up a couple of times by AirAsia for being a few kilos over the limit, on a completely arbitrary basis depending on how sadistic the check-in staff are feeling.

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