Canon G11 Powershot Camera and WP-DC34 Underwater Housing

Canon’s G11 Powershot camera looks set to become the new standard for underwater photographers wanting a top notch camera in a small, point-and-shoot underwater housing that won’t cost a fortune

It’s been eagerly anticipated for months, and the Canon G11 Powershot has now been released in early October 2009, complete with its own affordable underwater housing, the WP-DC34, also from Canon. The G11’s predecessors, the G9 and G10, have both won rave reviews from underwater photographers about the quality of their imaging, the ability to take much higher quality RAW photos, and the joy of being able to get great shots with such a small camera. There’s also the bonus of being able to shoot video too.

Canon Powershot G11
Canon Powershot G11

Canon Powershot G11

The current prices stated on are just under $500 for the Canon G11 and $200 for the WP-DC34 underwater housing. You can order the Canon G11 and order the WP-DC34 underwater housing too. You can also check Ebay for Canon G11 and WP-DC34 housing bargains, both used and brand new. See the Ebay Canon G11 listings below.

Canon Underwater Housing WP-DC34 for the Canon G11

Canon Underwater Housing WP-DC34 for the Canon G11

I’ve been very happy with my trusty Canon IXUS 800 (or Powershot SD700 as it’s known in the USA) which I bought over 3 years ago and have used constantly since. (See photos I’ve taken with the Canon IXUS 800 on my Sulawesi liveaboard and harlequin shrimp encounter). I’ve resisted the temptation to upgrade to the G series, but the G11 might be what makes me make the change. The wide-angle 28mm lens and the bigger 2.8″ LCD screen on the back, as well as the ability to shoot RAW, are the main things I’m interested in. notes that Fantasea already have a wet lens Big Eye wide angle lens adapter available for the G11, which makes maximum use of its wide-angle capability.

I can’t wait to run into someone on a dive boat who has a G11 so I can have a play with it – it might well wind up being a Christmas present to myself!

You can browse the latest Ebay auctions for the Canon Powershot G11
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Latest Ebay auctions for Canon G11 Underwater Housing WP-DC34
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