Best Scuba Diving In Indonesia

Reef, Tatawa Besar, Komodo

Where is the best scuba diving in Indonesia? Read on for 6 places that should be on every diver’s To Do list.

Cenderawasih Bay – Whale Shark Capital Of The World

Whale Sharks underneath Bagans (Fishing Platforms) at Kwatisore, Cendrawasih Bay, Indonesia

If you want prolonged, up-close encounters with the majestic but usually elusive whale shark, the biggest fish in the world, Cenderawasih Bay in remote far eastern Indonesia is the place to go

A Weird And Wonderful World Underwater: Lembeh Diving March 2011

Orange frogfish amongst grey weed

Indonesia’s northern Sulawesi has one of the greatest – and most unlikely – underwater environments in the world. Scores of fantastic-looking marine species – many of which are rarely seen anywhere else on the planet – are regularly spotted on the barren black sand slopes of the Lembeh Strait.

Scuba Diving Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo

Cuttlefish and Coral, Diving Kalimantan, Indonesia

Diving the island pearls of Indonesian Borneo’s coastline – Nabucco, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Derawan – from the Tambora liveaboard: the full text of my article for EZ Dive magazine.

Tambora Liveaboard Review

Tambora Liveaboard, Indonesia

Tambora is a new luxury liveaboard that spends the entire year exploring Indonesia. This is a review of the boat itself, with photos and notes on the facilities and operation to help you decide if it’s the boat for you

Diving Komodo Trip Report – November 2009

Rhinopia, Torpedo Alley

Komodo National Park offers some of Indonesia’s best scuba diving, from the temperate waters of the south to the tropical reefs of the north – in November 2009 I took a 10 day trip on MSY Damai to explore this amazing area for a third time.

MSY Damai Liveaboard Report

MSY Damai - Indonesia Liveaboard

Possibly the most luxurious liveaboard boat currently in Indonesia, MSY Damai is trying a new approach in providing top notch diving and underwater photography

Komodo Diving: Dragon’s Domain

EZ Dive Magazine Issue 1

Going on a Komodo liveaboard is like undertaking an epic voyage – over 10 days, a typical Komodo dive route covers hundreds of miles and sweeps through ever changing and always breathtaking landscapes both above and below the water on a round trip through The Komodo National Park.

S/Y Siren Liveaboard Review

S/Y Siren

Thinking about going on a scuba diving liveaboard on the S/Y Siren? Here’s a rundown of some of the practicalities about the boat that might help make your decision.

Menjangan Island Scuba Diving

A large table coral is home to thousands of glassfish

Hidden in the north-west tip of Bali is Menjangan Island, which boasts some of the most beautiful corals in Indonesia and is accessible to both scuba divers and snorkelers.

Manuk – The Other Island Of The Sea Snakes

A Group Of Sea Snakes at Manuk, Banda Sea

Gunung Api might be the island of the sea snakes, but it’s not the only place you can find these amazing creatures in the Banda Sea – Manuk is another remote volcanic island far from human contact where sea snakes thrive

How To Get To Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is for the many the ultimate diving destination – but how do you get there? Here’s a rundown of the different ways of getting this amazing and remote dive location in Indonesia.

Banda Islands Scuba Diving

The Banda Islands Above Water

Indonesia’s Banda Islands are historically famed for their spices, but they also possess some excellent scuba diving around the coast line of this tiny five island group.

Nusa Laut Scuba Diving – Banda Islands, Indonesia

Giant Plate Coral, Nusa Laut

Lying to the east of Ambon, the island of Nusa Laut possesses some stunning hard coral seascapes – the sheer size and variety of corals here is absolutely stunning

Ambon Scuba Diving – The Twilight Zone

Mimic Octopus

Ambon is fast gaining a reputation as an unmissable muck diving destination, with a density of amazing underwater critters to rival Lembeh. The Twilight Zone is the main Ambon dive site that repays repeat visits